Old Glory Days - About Us - Sandy Hook, CT
Old Glory Days - Adult Day Center
About Us:
At Old Glory Days we pride ourselves on having a cozy, home-like environment. Our main goal is to keep seniors out of an institutional setting, living in their own homes, and spending their days in a comfortable, relaxed space as well. Old Glory Days offers a family environment with a living room, dining room, kitchenette and patio. It is a small setting that won't be overwhelming to adults with cognitive impairments. Because of our size, we are also able to offer individualized care and attention to better meet the adults' needs.

Our Clients:
Clients typically have a form of dementia and live with a family member. They may be forgetful, confused, and need assistance with personal care. Old Glory Days is a social model program and the clients benefit from being around each other and the staff. They enjoy various activities and therapeutic programs. The family member/caregiver may be feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, and experiencing caregiver burnout. They benefit from home care, adult day centers, or a combination of the two.

Our Services Include:
*Entertainment and recreation
*Assistance with toileting
*Medication administration
*Health screens by a Nurse
*Respite for caregivers

This is the adult day center's activity room

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